About Us

We help people to learn online.



The Everest distance learning platform provides distinguished education, by selecting a team of professional teachers with experience in all fields, and using the latest methods of distance education, to facilitate communication between the teacher and the student and make education a distinct experience, all at unbeatable prices. Where the platform's goal is to raise the level of education in the country, not profit. The Everest staff is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for maximum convenience, in order for the student to choose the study time that suits him. Everest offers to move to groups of groups of 20 students, the larger the group, the group price of the class, but the number of students in the group does not exceed 20 students to maintain quality.

We believe that education in schools and universities in universities in universities in most areas that provide good services. Everest educational services are not only limited to school and university students, training courses and training programs that suit all ages. He managed to work whether he was able to work.



- the latest curricula

Universities or even training courses. In the Everest platform we are interested in explaining the latest curricula taught at the moment. Also, continuous development is an essential part of our plan.

- Notifications of the most recent sessions

The Everest platform sends alerts to its students participating in different courses at each course that suits their work. So that our students can continuously update their skills and remain distinguished in the labor market.


Ongoing technical support
Since we work in more than 30 countries in different regions, the Everest team is to provide technical support around the clock, seven days a week. A week of speed in communication and assistance at any time.

Certified teachers

From interviews before joining the work team. The quality team offered to monitor teachers’ performance on an ongoing basis in order to ensure that our students obtained the highest quality.

our vision

Our vision for the future is to build educated generations, a professional education that competes globally with the best methods and strategies of education, to be the alternative and auxiliary

Effective with schools, universities and Everest educational services to us after graduating with education

The skills of graduates to be a basis in building the future of our country